Our mission is to provide practical guidance, experience, and gap-filling solutions to the developer community.


We are a community of like-minded engineers, established in March 2006, and one of our first deliverables was the infamous branching guidance, which evolved into articles such as Branching strategies with TFVC and Map TFVC actions to Git.


We have come to value the following:

Razor sharp focus on quality and detail on the work we do

  • Favor simplicity and low tech over complexity
  • Expect and adapt to change, delivering incremental value

Accountability and commitment

  • Actively manage the project triangle attributes: features, bandwidth and cost
  • Never go dark … always share the good, the bad and the ugly with the team

Non-stop and unrestricted collaboration

  • Empower the community
  • Embrace open communications

Global transparency and visibility through collaboration and shared infrastructure

  • For all initiatives, track and publish status on a timely basis
  • Access to everything for everyone

Empathy, trust, humility, honesty and openness at all times

  • No one knows everything; as a team we know more
  • Learn from and share all experiences

Dogfooding of process and products

  • Improve productivity of Ranger teams
  • Gather and share real-life experiences