A library of out-of-band tooling and practical guidance, extensions,  and community solutions, complementing our publications.

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Library of Azure DevOps Extensions.

  • Branch Visualization - Allows you to visualize your Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC) branches for your current project.
  • Build Usage - See how many build minutes are being used by users, build definitions, team projects and more.
  • Countdown Widget - Counts down to a configurable moment in time.
  • Folder Management - Create a folder in your source repositories from the web. No need to clone the repository or install extra tools.
  • Offline Test Execution - Allows the Tester to perform the Test Steps even if disconnected from Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS), using the exported Excel Spreadsheet.
  • Roll-up Board Widget - The widget shows the number of cards in each column of the Kanban board.
  • Sample Data - Ever needed to have sample data to try things out on? Want to explore what Visual Studio Team Services can do? This extension lets you create and remove sample work item data in your project.
  • Team Project Health - Enables users to visualise the overall health of builds (and in future releases) on their dashboards.
  • Test Case Explorer -  (v2) An extension to explore test cases.
  • Work Item Details - View Details of work item(s) on your dashboard.
  • Work Item Visualization - Visualize relationships between work items from within the work item form.

Guidance and Tooling

Library of guidance and gap-filling solutions.

Community Solutions

Delivered by the ALM community with collaboration and support from the ALM | DevOps Rangers.

  • Enhance Export - Export work item queries and test plans to word direct from the web, without client installs and moving templates files between computers.
  • New Relic Record Deployment - New Build/Release task to record deployment event securely to your New Relic account with a new dedicated endpoint type.
  • Export as PDF - Export build definition as neatly formatted PDF. View all your build defintion details at once instead of navigating between steps or tabs.
  • Extension Download Monitor Widget - Monitor your extension downloads, ratings and downloads/day right from the VSTS/TFS dashboard.
  • Requirements Integrator - A requirements management and integration tool for Visual Studio Team Services.
  • State visualization of work items - Add the ability to view the state model for a selected work item type.
  • Scrum Report - Summary report for your daily scrums.
  • Team Rooms Summary - Shows a summary of the activity in all the team rooms that you are a part of.
  • Toggl Button - VSTS and toggl.com integration.
  • Welcome Email - Send a welcome email to an individual or the entire team.
  • Work Item Details - View Details of work item(s) on your dashboardExtensions - Visual Studio
  • MyHistory - This is the MyHistory Team Explorer extension originally provided as a sample in the June 2013 MSDN Magazine article -
  • Extending Visual Studio Team Explorer 2012News - VS Online news and updates inside Visual Studio.
  • TFS Community Branch Tool - The TFS Community Branch Tool Visual Studio Extension is based on the ALM Rangers Quick Response Sample ALM Rangers Branch Tool vs extension. The goal is to provide a tool to automate branching task in the ALM Rangers branching guidance.
  • TFS Team Rooms - Access Team Rooms inside Visual Studio.
  • Work Item Field History - This package audits a specific field of a work item, showing only the revisions in which its value has changed.
  • Flight Plan Board - An innovative visualisation project, started by Robert and Gordon as part of the ALM Rangers Community and their continuous visualisation and technology research and collaboration initiative. Store.
  • TFS 2012 Community Tfs Team Tools - Community TFS Team Tools is a community project based on the example code from ALM Rangers - Quick Response Sample Command line utility to manage TFS Teams Quick Response Sample – Command line utility to manage Team Foundation Server Teams and Users
  • TFS Work Item Morphing - In Team Foundation Server (TFS) it is not possible to change Process Template on an active project which contains many WorkItems data. To address this specific issue, we have developed an application called TFS Morphing. Purpose of this tool is to perform “In Place Conversion” of data from one format to another.


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