Who are you?

I am a Solution Consultant for Deliveron Consulting Services specializing in helping companies utilize all of the awesome features in Visual Studio 2010 ALM.  I enjoy playing sports, watching football, and tinkering with new gadgets.  I especially like boating and fishing in the summer with my wife and two children.

What makes you tick?

My appetite for learning new things and sharing what I learn with others.  I especially love the challenge of trying to keep up with technology.  Ever since I was a kid, computers have been my “final frontier”.

Where do you live?

Omaha, Nebraska, USA.

Where do you call home?

Same place as the College World Series and Warren Buffet…

Why are you active in the Rangers Program?

It is exciting working with Microsoft and all of the extremely talented Visual Studio ALM Rangers.   Also, I believe in the mission of the Rangers in providing real world guidance to people wanting to improve their ALM practices with Visual Studio.

What is the best Rangers project you worked in and why?

Build Customization Guide was my first project and favorite project so far.  My favorite part of TFS has always been build automation.

Mike’s Blog: www.CodeSmartNotHard.com