Who are you?

Martin Kulov, Microsoft Regional Director and Visual Studio ALM MVP, member of INETA speakers bureau. I work for Propeople as Microsoft Evangelist spreading love and excitement about Microsoft technologies through all the company and to our partners and clients. Actively involved in many community activities in Bulgaria, one of the being DevReach conference, the premium conference on Microsoft technologies in CEE.

What makes you tick?

All about TFS but especially Web, Load tests, Project Server integration. Loving production debugging, crash dump and failure analysis, troubleshooting performance problems on Windows systems.

Where do you live?

Sofia, Bulgaria

Where do you call home?

Beautiful Bulgaria

Why are you active in the Rangers Program?

Are you kidding me? Having the chance to work with people much smarter than me is just an amazing experience.

What is the best Rangers project you worked in and why?

Visual Studio Performance Testing Quick Reference Guide. Troubleshooting performance problems is the energy I need to feel alive.