Who are you?

Traditionally a .NET developer & more recently an ALM SME, I have significant experience consulting across multi domains. I have worked closely with small & large delivery projects at Avanade India Delivery Center, providing them with assessment & guidance to improve their overall ALM & Agile maturity, enhancing team productivity, collaboration & Quality. I am also a part of the capability team at Avanade, and assist with building tools & guidance for ALM & DevOps. I take pleasure in interacting with the local developer community and advocating for ALM best practices, recently started to increase my community reach through my blog, tweets, community forums & developer conferences. Currently focusing on DevOps – creating POCs, Processes & Guidance for Avanade, gradually building expertise on Microsoft stack as well as some open source tools. I started as a developer for custom .NET apps, back in 2005, and joined the VSTS journey since 2007. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering.

What makes you “tick”?

  • Learning & implementing new strategies that help improve developer productivity & efficiency
  • Sharing my knowledge, giving back to the community, and contributing to the community growth
  • Travel, Music, Food & Photography

Where do you live?

I live in Mumbai, India’s financial capital.

Where do you call Home?

Pic 2

Home is where I enjoy some quality family time; a place where I can socialize with like-minded people; A place which gives me access to some quiet private space, uninterrupted personal time & a good internet connection to hone my knowledge & skills.

Why are you active in the Ranger Program?

I am yet to get started, but if I was, it would be for the reason to advanced learning & sharing. I would love to create tools, guidance, POCs et all which would help the Developer community be more productive & efficient.

What is the best Rangers project you worked in and why?

I have not worked on any project yet, I wasn’t really aware I could do that without being a part of the team. Nevertheless, I found the Quick Reference guides really to the point & useful. Branching guide, ALM Assessment guide, Build Customization guide, Reporting guidance.