Who are you:

I am a technologist at heart. I have experience in a diverse range of technologies and platforms putting me in a position to spend time helping companies with POC’s and adoption strategies of new and modern technologies such as IoT and Cognitive services.

I run my own South African based consultancy where I focus on modern technologies, architecture and development practices. My primary focus is around DevOps using TFS/VSTS or more recently Azure DevOps.  I enjoy working hand in hand with companies to map out and execute their DevOps strategy and automate for the future.

When not playing with the latest tech, I like to share my experience and knowledge at community events. Living in Cape Town (one of the wine capitals of the world) it is hard not to take a drive in the winelands and sample some of its product every now and then.

What makes you “tick”?

Technology, solving problems, learning and making or building new things. In short : new experiences.

Where you live?

The best city in the world…Cape Town, South Africa

Why are you active in the Rangers program?

South Africa is a fairly isolated country with a “relatively” small or closed IT community. The Rangers connects me (and by extension, my community) with a broader community allowing me to tap into a much larger pool of expertise to learn from, share and collaborate with to the benefit of the ALM community at large, while actively giving back to the community.