Who are you?

Since the first time I laid hands on a computer I was convinced that “that” was my thing. I admired, looked forward to the idea of creating something, out of nothing. It was a thrill when I succeeded for the first time. Since that day, I knew what I want to do once I grew up.
It was love on the first sight and here I am today, still passionate as when I started with my ZX Spectrum 48.
Throughout the years I dug into different fields of IT, development, system engineering, networking, to get back to development and finally in the past 5-6 years I focus on automation, deployments, ALM and similar tasks on Microsoft platform, mainly using and maintaining TFS.

Aside from this, I’m a father, a bit of a petrol head, interested in sports and occasional sportsman. I am of Croatian origin and I lived and studied in Italy for almost 15 years before moving to the Netherlands.

What makes you “tick”?

I do love being challenged and (try to) find a solution to a problem. Seeing a better or new way of doing things, improvement, learning. This kind of things does excite me. This turns the passion on and does bring me to the point where the time of the day is not important, where I do forget about being hungry and my true, full focus, is given to the problem-challenge-solution. I think this is kind of “tick” that you refer to.

Where you live?

Currently, I do live in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Community engagement

I am sharing my findings and opinions on my personal blog for almost 10 years now. Some of the relevant and helpful articles that got visibility are:


I do contribute to different OSS and Microsoft projects on GitHub. Some of my recent contributions focused on vsts-task-lib, SpecFlow and several tasks that I published on Visual Studio Team Services Marketplace.